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Begins at $1.00/pound

15 lb Minimum

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10 lb Minimum

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10 lb Minimum

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We are the top Wash & Fold service in Kingston & Belleville, ON! We provide comprehensive wash and fold services for both commercial and residential customers. We understand that laundry can be a time-consuming and tedious task, whether you are running a business or managing a household. Our goal is to provide a convenient and efficient solution to meet your laundry needs.

Is Wash and Fold Service Right for Me?

Wash and Fold service is a great solution for busy people who don’t have the time to do their own laundry or who don’t know how to do it properly, or who wear a high volume of items that need to be handled with care. It’s also a good option for people who just don’t like doing laundry.

Just imagine your laundry being washed and folded without you having to lift a finger – sound like a dream? Well you’re not sleeping, with Spinz you can make that dream a reality. Our professional wash and fold services make it easy for you to get your laundry done quickly and done right.

You need an easy, affordable way to get your laundry carefully done. Take back your time and spend more of it doing the things that you truly love to do. More time with the kids, more time at the driving range, more time doing what you do best,life, love, and the pursuit of happiness! Basically, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to get laundry done, our wash and Fold service is the way to go.

Your Laundry Experts

Look no further than Spinz Laundry in Kingston and Belleville, ON. Our clean and comfortable locations, along with comprehensive and convenient services, will have you looking forward to laundry day. We make laundry day a pleasure, not a chore.

Spinz offers a full-service Wash and Fold service to our customers, and we go beyond the basics to ensure you are completely satisfied.

We take individual care of each of your machine washable laundry items – clothing, delicates, linens, blankets, comforters – you name it! Whites, colors, and delicates are separately washed and ready for you fresh, clean, neatly folded.

  • We spot treat stains.
  • You have a large variety of detergents and Dryer sheets to choose from.
  • If you have special instructions, just let us know. We can even hang your clothes rather than fold at your request.
  • We’re here to provide fluff and fold service just the way you want it.
  • 24hr standard service turn around time.
  • All drop off orders are minimum charge of $15.00.
  • Large items are priced by the piece rather than the pound.


We are fully attended so you can drop it off anytime from 6am – 5pm, Monday – Friday.

We carry and use a variety of detergents and softeners. You select your preference when you book or leave it to us. We carry Tide, Tide non-scented, Gain, Purex, Arm and Hammer, Ivory Snow, Ecos and Kirkland detergents. Bounce and Bounce unscented as well as All, which is unscented dryer sheets, Downy fabric softener, Bleach, Oxi-Clean, dryer balls and various stain removers.

Detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener and bleach are all included in the wash and fold service.

Normal turnaround time is the next day, but if you need it the same day, the cost is just an additional .49 cents a pound.

Never. It is not hygienic to do so. All orders are done separately.

We can accommodate a limited amount of hang dry items. Because of the amount of space required and the amount of time it takes to hang dry items indoors, your hang dry items may be returned wet or damp. We highly recommend that you continue to hang them at home to complete the drying process. You may also request that we dry your order on very low heat.

Yes, you most definitely can drop your own laundry off at our Laundromat located at 2802 Princess Street, Kingston or 648 Dundas Street East, Belleville.

This service is for all machine washable clothes–sheets, towels, underclothes, shirts, pants, etc. Items are sorted, sprayed if necessary then washed, dried, folded and packaged. Students choose Annual, Semester, or Monthly Bundled Plans of 10, 20, or 30 lbs per week.

Like your meal plan or class registration, you pay for your Wash & Fold Plan at the beginning during registration. Your Dry Clean Orders and Wash & Fold overages are charged to the credit card that was provided when registering. A Usage Summary Statement is emailed to both students and parents each month.

This plan is perfect for occasional use and we’ve made it simple to use. Any clothes turned in with your reusable Wash & Fold bag are billed at $2.75 per pound. If you require Dry Cleaning, you’ll be billed on a per-item basis. It’s that easy.